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After a long time (more than 2 years!), I updated my blog template and I decided to write something.

Normally this blog had the function of keeping records of my thoughts, mostly after releases of my flash games. For a long time, I couldn’t motive myself to write here, because I was aware that the good old days of incoming traffic from online games was over. It is so insane how fast you can get out of fashion in games; flash was used to be everywhere, now you need to nudge your browser to let it run. 5 more years and perhaps we will need emulators and flash will be the new nostalgia.

Nowadays, we work on new games with my girlfriend, under the name of Strange Cat. So check it out.

…     Stay tuned :>


Update #4

Latest gif from the game I’m working on.


I’m also working on other things but I’ll just put this one here: I drew some art, then wrote a color cycler in flash which adjusts its brightness, while staying loyal to pico-8 color palette.



BEWARE of flashing colors!




New game / devlog

I’m working on a new game. Actually I’m working on a lot of new games lately, but this is probably the one which will reach the finish line before others.

I’m also trying to break habits after years of solitary work, so here is the devlog for it and now you have the chance to watch another indie fail spectaculary.

Don’t miss it, click here.


Update #3

These updates were supposed to encourage me to write short but frequent posts, but seems like it didn’t work.

I have been working on a lot of things, but I don’t want to post them here in bits & pieces.

But I wanted to post some other small stuff I managed to create in my spare time. I started using twitter, where I post some pixel art to #pixeldailies occasionally:

which allows me to draw things I wouldn’t think of drawing in work-time:

Also, I created some quick art for jam games:

Also, I created 6 small games by myself (mostly for jams among friends) and put them here: my small prototypes & jam games
In case you missed above, for more up-to-date news, here is my twitter.

Pixel exercise

novacRobot1_128 robotCekirge1_128 portre4_128 troll1_128 gidiliAdam1_128 aslanGoril1_128 keles128 nightRider1_128 portre3_128 portre1_128 portre2_128 kalpKiz1_128

Here are some quick pixel art exercises I made in my spare time. I used piskelapp to create them, it’s very a handy online tool.

Update #2

Another quick update.

I’m having a pretty relaxed summer so far, especially compared to previous years. I’m enjoying it quite a lot.

This is a bit related to one big change: I’m moving away from the model where I make free online games and finance them with sponsors. However, I will still be making games, I just think that I am ready for something different.

5 years of independent development were mostly rewarding and sometimes frightening. Overall I feel very lucky to be able to sustain myself while doing it, and I hope to continue doing so. Let’s see what happens next…

Moonhex is online!

After waiting for 2 painful months for release, here is my latest game at last, click here to play.

"Moonhex gameplay"

This game has a long history. It was supposed to be my second game, I started working on it after Vampire Fever, nearly 4 years ago! I was continously playing the amazing “Amorphous+”, it was a simple and addicting game. I started thinking about if I could come up with something new that inherits it’s mouse based movement style. I thought my game could be more of a fast-paced action rpg, where you can evade creatures not only by moving but also by jumping. This single change added a lot of possibilites besides a lot of new design problems.


"Moonhex Instructions"

I coded most of it at that time, but couldn’t bring myself to finalize design details and finish it, because it was taking too long. I realized I added too many features (spells, orbiting blade weapon, jump related abilities…) that I don’t want to get rid of, but they were also making the gameplay harder to delve into.

Since then, different flash games in similar vein are released as well, like Dojo of Death (where you dash instead of slashing enemies) and Frantic Frigates series (where your avatar automatically shoot according to your proximity). They are very good examples of where elegant simplicity works very well in terms of accesibility. My chosen approach was obviously a more convoluted one. After returning to this project, I decided to keep features, old code base and reflex based difficulty, but tried to wrap everything into a more understandable design. I don’t know if people will like it or not, but so far I really like playing my own game :p Beware, it is much harder and skill-based compared to Madville.

In case you missed the link, here: click to play it on a new tab.

Update #1

I’m going to do short updates every now and then. Just to document my progress and keep myself motivated.

  • I completed my latest flash game 1.5 month ago, now waiting my sponsor to release it. It have blades, monsters & spells in it.
  • I started a new project, very different from my previous games. I’m planning it as a downloadable desktop title, fullscreen and all that glory. I was thinking about this for a very long time, but none of the previous prototypes felt right. Now I think I’m onto something…

Obligatory new year post

Not that anyone cares but one year ago I wrote a post about my goals for soon to be past year and now 2013 is ending. Ladies and gentlemen, I feel it is my utmost responsibility to adress this important issue and submit a report for your eyes only to check if my missions have been accomplished. You still there?

My first goal was to make at least 3 games (also 4th goal was to release little prototypes as much as possible). I failed in terms of releasing finished games (I only released Madville, which took a lot of time by itself). I also couldn’t release any prototypes or small games, there was just not enough passion in me to go after any of the old stuff. On a positive sidenote, I participated at a local gamejam by physically being at the jam site (which was a first for me, before this I only participated online) and we made a game there. Also I met different creative people from local gaming community at different meetings and it was refreshing, so this was a different kind of achievement I guess.

My 2nd and 3rd goals were to read and draw more, but I kinda failed at these, too. But somehow I started going to gym, thanks to my girlfriend, and this time I managed to continue for 2 months or so, which is a record time for me. We also finally managed to take a summer holiday this year, which was more than necessary after all family&health problems we endured throughout the past 2 years.

TL;DR summary: All my goals have failed and instead some arbitrary nice stuff happened. Or I am just bad at setting goals. Here is something I should probably work on at 2014.

Happy new year, everyone!