Goals for 2013

I am not used to writing new year’s resolutions but I decided to do it this time. I actually decided these before but it will be better to write them down here, so that I can’t forget or ignore.

1) I will make at least three flash games this year. Actually this isn’t completely a personal goal, we did agree on it with my latest sponsor and I am very happy with it. They basically stated the genres they prefer (which suits my tastes already) and I will have complete control over games and make what I want as usual. It’s like normal sponsorship, instead we have an understanding at the beginning so I won’t have to worry about finding a sponsor after finishing the games (which can be a real pain, and a big distraction which keeps you away from working on new games).

First one will be a shooter and I am really excited about it. I know there are already a lot of them, and from a player perspective it might seem “meh”, but it was one of the genres I wanted to work on. Somehow I postponed continously until this time, I don’t know why.

2) I will draw more. It is fun. I nearly forgot how it feels to hold a pencil and move it on the paper, which is a pretty meditating act by itself.

3) I will read more. I will try to feed my soul with better stuff instead of procrastinating.

4) I will try to complete & release little prototypes that I did in past years, as much as possible. I might not look for a sponsor for them, I plan to keep them simple as they are. I just want to share more, instead of constantly criticizing myself and therefore keeping them in dusty shelves.

Lets see how it will turn out.

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