Obligatory new year post

Not that anyone cares but one year ago I wrote a post about my goals for soon to be past year and now 2013 is ending. Ladies and gentlemen, I feel it is my utmost responsibility to adress this important issue and submit a report for your eyes only to check if my missions have been accomplished. You still there?

My first goal was to make at least 3 games (also 4th goal was to release little prototypes as much as possible). I failed in terms of releasing finished games (I only released Madville, which took a lot of time by itself). I also couldn’t release any prototypes or small games, there was just not enough passion in me to go after any of the old stuff. On a positive sidenote, I participated at a local gamejam by physically being at the jam site (which was a first for me, before this I only participated online) and we made a game there. Also I met different creative people from local gaming community at different meetings and it was refreshing, so this was a different kind of achievement I guess.

My 2nd and 3rd goals were to read and draw more, but I kinda failed at these, too. But somehow I started going to gym, thanks to my girlfriend, and this time I managed to continue for 2 months or so, which is a record time for me. We also finally managed to take a summer holiday this year, which was more than necessary after all family&health problems we endured throughout the past 2 years.

TL;DR summary: All my goals have failed and instead some arbitrary nice stuff happened. Or I am just bad at setting goals. Here is something I should probably work on at 2014.

Happy new year, everyone!

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