Moonhex is online!

After waiting for 2 painful months for release, here is my latest game at last, click here to play.

"Moonhex gameplay"

This game has a long history. It was supposed to be my second game, I started working on it after Vampire Fever, nearly 4 years ago! I was continously playing the amazing “Amorphous+”, it was a simple and addicting game. I started thinking about if I could come up with something new that inherits it’s mouse based movement style. I thought my game could be more of a fast-paced action rpg, where you can evade creatures not only by moving but also by jumping. This single change added a lot of possibilites besides a lot of new design problems.


"Moonhex Instructions"

I coded most of it at that time, but couldn’t bring myself to finalize design details and finish it, because it was taking too long. I realized I added too many features (spells, orbiting blade weapon, jump related abilities…) that I don’t want to get rid of, but they were also making the gameplay harder to delve into.

Since then, different flash games in similar vein are released as well, like Dojo of Death (where you dash instead of slashing enemies) and Frantic Frigates series (where your avatar automatically shoot according to your proximity). They are very good examples of where elegant simplicity works very well in terms of accesibility. My chosen approach was obviously a more convoluted one. After returning to this project, I decided to keep features, old code base and reflex based difficulty, but tried to wrap everything into a more understandable design. I don’t know if people will like it or not, but so far I really like playing my own game :p Beware, it is much harder and skill-based compared to Madville.

In case you missed the link, here: click to play it on a new tab.

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