Hi there, I am Umut Derviş and I develop games.

For more than 5 years, I worked as a solo developer on flash games, working on every aspect (coding, art, design, music and production) most of the time. In that period, I released 9 games and sold licenses to many big portals, serving to millions of players.

Nowadays, I am developing games under Strange Cat.

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For Turkish readers, I also write here with my girlfriend, check it if you want to read our rantings about movies, books, games etc. 🙂

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For those interested:

I grew up playing (and watching my friends play) table-top/Amiga/DOS games. I knew nothing about programming/coding back then, so I was creating weird little animations in famous “DeluxePaint” depicting games in my head. I also created some table-top RPG’s and we played them with friends for long hours. In high school, I learned some BASIC and coded some unfinished game prototypes, but the rush of university preparation in Turkey (where I live) swept my efforts and made me forget about them for a long time.

Before I went mad and decided to create my own games, I have worked in several agencies & design companies as a graphic artist / illustrator  (I have a BSc in Industrial Design, and a MA in Graphic Design).

In those years, somehow I became familiar with Flash, and while I was happily discovering my new toy, Flash kept improving in performance in every version. In 2008, I started a start-up with a friend (a PHP developer) to work on different and creative web projects besides client works  (Click here to visit our start-up’s web site, although it is discontinued we still keep the site because of the pretty looks). After a while, my friend decided to leave and I realized that I had gathered enough knowledge to write some games. I stopped chasing client-based work and jumped in to writing my first game.

I hope you enjoy playing my games and reading this blog.

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